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BKBT Lookbook | Originals

Posted on March 31 2015

BKBT Concept

Photos by Jaryl Cabuco

    We here at BKBT Concept are proud to present our debut bag collection underneath our in-house label BKBT Originals. In the all leather bag collection we translated our distinct love for minimalism, playfulness, and durability needed for different essentials of life.

    The five bags include:The Black Diamond Tote, Black Cane, Black Pill, Black Portfolio Clutch, and The Brown Roo. The Diamond Tote is perfect for business meetings that require you to move on the go. The portfolio clutch is ideal for that art student in need of holding notepads and organizers together. The Brown Roo represents the business undergrad, Black Cane is perfect for the stylish student who hates sacrificing durability for style, and the Black Pill is that perfect on the go bag fashionista.

    They are sourced and crafted with the finest of leather goods, pieces, with minute details that set take this bag collection to the next level. 

Check out the whole collection RIGHT HERE.