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Staff Picks By Kristina: America's Favorite Intern

Posted on October 19 2015

So our new intern Kristina Badass (*that name is on her birth certificate), came to our job interview with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She then put the lit cigarette out in her hand and proceeded to tell us the coolest stories we ever heard. We hired her RIGHT THERE ON THE SPOT! Two weeks later she compiled a list of her favorite items in the shop, we decided to bring you the BKBT Staff Picks.

What makes Kristina's picks special is she has a very acquired taste of simplicity and practicality with a serious splash of originality.

Standing out without standing out would be the best way to describe her sensibilities. 

Minimal Vintage Archive Leather Backpack/Crossbody Bag
I have an unknown hatred for small purses to a point where I’d rather carry everything in my hand if it doesn't fit into one of my larger bags. I do love backpacks, especially this one because of its size and design. Simple yet effective. 
Heart Pin
     I love a good anatomical heart, especially since it’s a pin that I can put on my jackets and bags. The colors are perfect for when I need some form of color to let the public know I’m not in mourning. 

 Ombre Sweatshirt | Black-Grey   

I have so lovingly nicknamed my closet "grayscale", due to the fact that most clothes are either white, black, or gray. I love the ombre, dip-dyed effect of the colors and the sweatshirt itself looks comfy, but also gives the impression that you're trying and not just wearing a sweatshirt. 

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Unisex Pink Sensation Bomber Jacket

When I do add color it's usually very subtle, and I also have an addiction to jackets. The pastel pink bomber jacket is the perfect contrast, something usually hard and masculine has been given a nice touch of pastel pink. 

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Drapey Blazer 

This blazer is a pure, white beauty. Usually white jackets remind me of the movie Saturday Night Fever and his all white suit, something that a lot of people try to forget. I love this though, dress it up or down, it works. 

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Lazy Oaf Brick Scribble Shirt

I love Lazy Oaf, but sometimes their clothes scare me because they're "too cool" for someone who keeps it pretty simple. This seems to be the happy medium, the colors are in my safe zone and the pattern is what I really like about it. 

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Pastel Ice Cream Color Zipper Tee 

A simple t-shirt just does the job sometimes, and the color is really pretty. Enough said. 

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 Lazy Oaf Mill Burray Tee 

Lazy Oaf again, I just thought the t-shirt was really funny. I love when my clothes have some form of humor sometimes, and it also comes in black. Bill Murray came to my college once to visit, I wish I was wearing this shirt when I saw him.

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Distressed Layered Legging

Leggings are another one of my addictions, but they get really boring sometimes. These are ripped up and have some nice texture to add some interest. Again, it looks like you tired today even though their leggings. 

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Basic Linen Pant | Grey

I love the pattern on these pants, and the length of them. I usually buy pants for necessity, the last thing I look for in a store, but these would be an immediate purchase, a love at first sight. 

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