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BKBT Music | Best Music of January 2016

Posted on February 09 2016

BKBT Concept brings you UNISEX MUSIC of January 2016, this go around we delve into albums and what was spun around the office the most last month. We said goodbye to David Bowie, and with full hearts and teary eyes we enjoyed his last audio LP.

David Bowie - Blackstar

The UNISEX GOD David Bowie shows up and shows out on his final outing in “BLACKSTAR.” The album comprised of 7 tracks is a short, but nonetheless sweet send off to our Starman.  Blackstar is filled with conscious thoughts, contemplations on life, death, and other mysteries human nature. The music and instrumentals are nothing short of sonically far apart from what’s happening in music these days. Bowie was one of a kind, and he will be missed.


Lecrae - Chruch Clothes 3

Lecrae surprised us all pulling a Beyonce dropping a surprise Mixtape, and this one with a solid ministry and message behind it.  Church Clothes 3, goes into uncharted territories talking about police brutality, black youth being lost, and infidelities in relationships.

Like most Lecrae songs on first listen it doesn’t come across as a gospel song. Upon further listens it’s reaching and preaching the ministries of Christianity through music, and it sounds really good too. Church Clothes is about coming to your spirituality as you are and becoming a better person on the other side. You are good enough as you are, and nothing is wrong with you.


Majid Jordan

Duo Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman come together to form ‘ Majid Jordan’ a moody pop duo. The group harbors aesthetics, vocals and a sound birthed straight out of the 80’s. The U.S. got a taste of their potential with 2013 Drake smash ‘ Hold on, we’re going home.’ Their debut album is an they spread their introspective wings, and soar. The LP opens with the expansive ‘Learn from each other” which sets the table for this audio feast Majid Jordan has prepared for us. 

The album is filled with singles, synths, and loops that linger in the ear far after the play button has been paused. Standout tracks “Make It Work”, “Warm”, & “Something About You” are worth the price of a Spotify stream alone. The best part about this group is this is their debut album, and things are only going to improve from here.