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BKBT Interview | Teeething With Artist Lynn Nguyen

Posted on June 08 2015

BKBT Concept

What can't be said about the oh so talented renaissance artist Lynn Nguyen? She's a trend-leader, artist/illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. After attending & obtaining a BFA from The National Art School with a focus on drawing & photography she spends her days being the creative force with no signs of stopping. Her art is moody, dark, detail-orientated, violent, all of which can be viewed at her website. BKBT Concept caught up with the international tastemaker to discuss influences, expressionism, and her upcoming projects. 

Interview provided by Anni Peng.

AP: Artistically who are your influences/inspirations?

LN: Gustave Doré, Caravaggio, Brian Eno, Dave Mckean, Yoshitaka Amano, Joel Peter Witkin, Helmut Newton... Disney and Studio Ghibli also had a pretty profound effect on me growing up, I suspect that's how I came to love creating characters and drawing people/portraits so much.

AP: You're style is very edgy, minimal and unisex. What do you hope to express when you wake up and dress in the morning? 

LN: At the moment I'm very fond of interesting silhouettes and garments that are long, boxy or oversized. Men's jackets, tee's, sweaters and shorts are favourable for this reason - they're also more functionally convenient than women's apparel. But, I also like to wear heels and gowns and paint my the result is a combination of loose shorts, sporty socks and a guy's bomber with sandal heels and a clutch bag. Instead of working against itself the disparity looks kinda charming to me.

But honestly, I don't always have a plan, sometimes it's just sweater weather.


AP: What do you believe is essential to the work of an artist? 

LN: Coffee.


AP: What do you believe sets you apart from other artists/individuals?

LN: Hmm it's not something I'm too focussed on, I'm just doin' me.

AP: A subtle thing I really enjoy when looking at your art is, I love your use of lines, and how delicate they are. I can tell a lot of thought and time is spent on your art. When does the muse strike to create? 

LN: Thank you! I think all my best ideas come from the actual process. While I'm working, things happen, I notice a pattern or something is realized when I have all the work laid out in front of me like a map. I don't think inspiration is even absolutely necessary. That doesn't mean I never experience sudden "strokes of genius" or "the urge" to draw, but those instances occur kind of inexplicably - not something I can depend on.

Research however is tantamount to my drawing process, I spend a lot of time in galleries, obsessively watching youtube videos or looking up things on google. I buy a lot of models, books and paraphernalia for reference, and generally just try to surround myself in a pentagram of knowledge. It helps re-enforce what I'm doing and "gets me in the mood" I guess.


AP: Before you release a piece of art how much time and effort goes into it?

LN: Often an excruciating amount. Sometimes none at all. haha


AP: What kind of impact do you want to leave in the industry or in the world?

LN: I really don't have many grand designs for the rest of the world, but that could change. At the moment I'm more interested in what kind of impact my work has on me. I want to continue to improve and feel challenged, I don't want to get too comfortable - instead I want to further dismantle myself.


AP: Congrats on the zine "EXQUISITE CORPSE"! Can you tell me more details on that project? What other projects are you working on?

LN: The zine is a collection of 14 creepy illustrations that are part fashion and part supernatural - printed for the Sydney MCA Zine Fair, where I got to share a table with some pretty cool cats.

As for projects, I'm currently experimenting with lots of electronic equipment. I don't want to reveal too much yet, but it's a step in a slightly different direction to my usual black and white drawings. 



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