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BKBT Story

The true vision of BKBT Concept is to offer a safe space for fashion savvy expressives to participate in an EVOLVED shopping experience. We are a CONCEPTUAL ONLINE RETAIL STORE that carefully handpicks and curates brands and pieces that express a “no gender label - no limitation lifestyle”.

BKBT sets out to create a shopping experience where one can truly express themselves. We believe that social norms cannot determine gender roles, such as the way we dress, what we think or the things we consume.

BKBT Concept brings a new approach to shopping by creating an inclusive space for people to shop freely. Unique and affordable designs that aren’t available anywhere else and a growing list of independent designers that share in our dramatic vision, solidifies BKBT Concept as a retailer unlike any other.

We invite you to please join BKBT Concept on this journey as we push forward in our quest to evolve the world of fashion into a more EXPRESSIVE and TOLERANT place to shop.